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I currently create original content for my blog which includes recipes, nutritional tips, yogic wisdom and anything else having to do with wellbeing and inspiration. You will also find my written work and quotes on the FoodNetWork Healthy Living Blog, MyRecipes.Com, FAGE Greek Yogurt Blog, Michael Altman’s New World Apothecary (Nutrition/Yoga Advisor/Expert), MindBodyGreen and more. If you’re interested in hiring me for articles/media/blogs see more here and contact me.  


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It’s simple, you are what you eat and if you’re eating things that are preserved on a shelf for who knows how long then what do you think it’s doing to your body? Whether your’e a busy person (aren’t we all?), nurse, fellow yoga teacher, entrepreneur, or business owner; we all need to know how to eat no matter what your lifestyle and I’ll get you started and meet you exactly where you are on your journey to wellbeing. This is not an “all or nothing approach.” Yogis believe it’s best to make gradual changes and create healthy patterns over time for a lifetime of wellbeing. Replace the “not so good for the body” with real food and create simple meals to suit your needs. Don’t cook? Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out. But eating real food is the key ingredient (pun intended) to feeling good. Get Started!




Fact. Gumby is a toy and gumby is flexible. You do not have to be flexible to do yoga, however, flexibility will keep gumby youthful and standing tall, or twisted up like a pretzel. Since there are no goals in yoga and it’s not about touching your toes, we’ll start with where you are on the mat. Whether you’re simply looking to stress less, meditate, restore, or keep your spine youthful, strengthen your body  and stretch out what’s tight I’m here to help. I currently teach 7 yoga classes a week throughout Westchester County, NY and am available for private, corporate and small group classes.  Styles I teach include hatha, vinayasa, restorative, prenatal, flow and restore, hot yoga, yoga nidra meditation. Feel good in just one session! 


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