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I love lists. They assist in getting the job, task, or just about anything DONE. I have been known to even bullet point or number my emails. Little type A? Listen, I find it very efficient and my reasoning is to leave the reader feeling that my message had great purpose.  I think it’s wise […]

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The Fab Filbert

One nut four names Noisette (french word for browned butter, also means hazelnut), Cobnut, Filbert, Hazelnut (interchangeable). Fun fact 1) , 99 percent of U.S. hazelnuts are coming from Oregon (official state nut!), 2) A Greek physician claimed these nuts medicinal benefits could cure the common cold and rid you of a chronic cough. Oh […]

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Just a Holiday Recap…

The Holiday &“Overstuffing the Pie Hole.” If I’m being frank, Thanksgiving is not my favorite of holidays, while I love the family atmosphere this holiday seems to celebrate the wrong thing, overstuffing yourself til you either pass out on a couch somewhere or are regretting that you ate 3 slices of pie and your skinny jeans now […]

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Maple Glazed Roasted Pumpkin & Arugula Salad

  First of all I wake-up this morning with a mouth drier than dry, hunt for some water, go into the fridge and see that 3/4 or my POMEGRANATE seeds are MIA! I cannot believe the husband ate them! Those were for my salad! I called him at 7:45 am, inquire about the vanishing act […]

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Little Fuss-POMegranate

I HAVE NO PATIENCE FOR FIGHTING WITH A POMEGRANATE. I’m not lazy and I could have just bought the seeds (and I have), however, that takes some of the fun out of it. Part of the enjoyment of food is being able to use all your senses, and I take great pleasure in PLAYING WITH MY […]

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What’s Firm, Round, tastes Earthy (or dirt like) and underappreciated? The BEET! Oddly enough I’ve been enjoying them a lot lately.  You’ll find them grated, pickled or featured in the classic borscht soup, today I’m serving them “Glazed.” Beets are Powerhouses of Phytonutrients (natural plant chemicals-think of the COLOR!) boasting loads of folic acid, Vitamin […]

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