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PB & J French Toastwich-New Year's Breakfast

I KNOW You’ll wake-up at some point tomorrow HUNGRY! perhaps you’ll be hung over but nobody here knows that… It was New Year’s EVE!!! HAPPY EARLY NEW YEAR! I’ve got you covered with a snappy, healthy breakfast (or brunch). Even if you have guests lingering, it will appear as if you’ve slaved over that burner […]

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A Gluten Free Road Trip + Eco Friendly Pizza.

You mix three dietitians who like eating and go on “field trips” to find new food…. What have you got? A road trip that I considered calling: “A Gluten Free Getaway” OR “I made it to Jersey and left without Gluten” Oh wait…I like that last one. I can keep goin…I’ll spare you. This was […]

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Ice Cream, Tootsie Rolls, Iceberg Lettuce and the Elliptical

What do all the above have in common? They’re foods you may or may not have chewed on to dodge a full meal, hold you over til dinner, or simply cause they were low in calories. Why the Elliptical? Because it may have been the exercise machine of choice to burn all 25 calories from […]

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Tomato Soup + Mozzarella Crostini

Warms the Belly SNOW + SNOWED IN + the desire for COMFORT (as though the pajamas didn’t fulfill that need?) = SOUP! Oh and anything with MELTED CHEESE really makes me HAPPY! I’m a big fan of making comfort food a tad bit “healthier”. Actually, I can’t help myself and sometimes we have to make […]

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EggNoggy Oats

What does a girl do with Eggnog? I thought of Pudding? Nogtini? Nog Muffins? Rum is always a good idea? Oh, and a fellow blogger gave me a noggy latte idea (steam it in the microwave for a few mins then add a shot of espresso-Oh my god!). This list of possible noggy goodness goes […]

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Healthy Dinner in Fifteen. FISH

  Pretend the  Swedish Fish in the pic represents Halibut. I lost time with photography and we were hungry, what can I say. Okay, picture this: You’re at the grocery store and it’s been like thirty minutes since you’ve been perusing the aisles and you’re considering having a bowl of Cheerios for dinner cause frankly […]

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