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It's all Greek to me. Quintastic Spring Salad.

Listen up, you can’t NOT like this quinoa (keen-wah) salad. (I just sounded like a bully-or just a quinoa advocate?) And the proof is in the puddin cause the hubs eats it. I know, I’m just as surprised as you that he won’t embrace my tofu chocolate mousse. Anyway, back to the fun food of […]

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Guest Post-Fresh Juice anyone?

GUEST BLOG TIME! I invited Junia, whose blog struck me with the photos of healthy foods and recipes right away. Junia and I crossed paths via Foodbuzz and have been connected ever since! I am delighted to share one of her recipes here which I think you’ll all enjoy. MY THOUGHTS ON JUICING: (I personally […]

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I"ll have what she's having…

One WHOLE day of EATING, EXERCISING and NAPPING (just kidding, although a nap sounds nice). What can I say I was in a sharing mood, maybe it was the fact that: We had sunshine in NY two whole days this week (you know I tried on my entire spring wardrobe thinking I could get away […]

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I warned you that I’d try getting you to eat a BEET. Enter the GOLDEN BEET! First of all, I’m obviously on a SALAD kick. Second of all, and more importantly, on a BEET NOTE: If you haven’t seen it, heard of it, or are plain disgusted by the word “beet” the good news is […]

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