What you eat is going to affect each and every cell of your being. So why not nourish your body from the inside out and while you’re at it nourish your soul and do Yoga. I know you’ll start to feel pretty awesome, uplifted, energized and content. I’ll just be the zen fairy helping you out along the way.


I’m Jen. (insert wave). 

My enthusiasm, which is abundant truly comes from being able to do something I love, which is teaching yoga and nutrition to inspire those who simply want to feel good, no wait, feel great!

I’ve been in the field of health and wellness for over a decade and my love for yoga and food motivated me to merge the two and become an ISHTA certified yoga teacher and registered dietitian/nutritionist over the course of several years with a Master’s Degree from Columbia University in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition. I also integrate ayurvedic nutrition into my practice. 

That’s a bit of my educational background but you can read more of that here.

I aspire to bring a fresh and diverse style to all things food, nutrition and yoga.

Previous jobs and trainings have allowed me to embrace a combination of therapies which includes a mind, body, and soul approach to integrating food, nutrition and yoga. You can read more here. 

Diets can’t last forever. Eat real food, Cook even a little, Move and do Yoga.

I am a firm devotee in incorporating real food that can be prepared simply yet taste delicious, following sound nutrition protocols along with incorporating physical activity in my own daily routine which allows me to provide constant inspiration and enthusiasm to clients.

I’m not shy and tend to have a fun-loving nature and ability to encourage others to get their hands dirty in the kitchen or embrace a little sweat. I am the author, creator and photographer of the former blog “A girl and her carrot”of which I’ve now transferred all content here. I share numerous culinary explorations that take the ho-hum out of your can of beans or chicken dinner, healthy living inspiration and yoga. All with a dash of humor.

You’ve probably seen many of my recipes highlighted and featured on websites such as MindBodyGreenFoodbuzz, Foodpress, Myrecipes, DisneyBaby, and FageUSA .

My client’s often refer to me as “veggie-go-lucky”, “food coach” and “calm and accesible.” You can read what they have to say here. 

Experiences such as the former employee wellness coordinator for Greenwich hospital’s Center for Healthy Living allowed me the opportunity to serve those looking for more then the cookie cutter approach to health. The integrated approach to well being at Greenwich gave me the chance to share the plethora of knowledge and passion I have for all things food, nutrition and health.

My own practice emulates the holistic path seeing private clients for yoga and nutrition.

UtkatasanaIn Reference to Yoga:

Yoga goes way beyond the poses. It’s part of my daily practice both on and off the mat. It’s something I look to when seeking peace and solitude or to simply to feel good and stop thinking so much. 


My own journey with yoga has been one of such joy that it only made sense to become a teacher at ISHTA yoga after years of being a devoted student. I used to practice yoga for the physical benefits, it was another form of exercise. Now I practice for for the pure joy it brings me day in and day out. 

My focus and passion as a teacher remains constant so that I can help others looking to find bliss, calmness, ease back pain, stress less and/or live a more peaceful lifestyle that most desire. Ishta has become my home away from home where I am constantly stunned by the grace, kindness, talent and knowledge of all the teachers.

Being a runner, I’ve had my own aches and pains of which I found relief through yoga. I give credit and thanks to my teachers at Ishta for finding a balance between too much effort with ease in my running routine and yoga practice. Yoga is in my daily life on and off the mat, especially meditation which continues to bring an overall sense of calm and continuous self discovery.


Now I suggest you head over to the More about jen/FAQ page, it’s a bit more entertaining. 

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