The things you put in your body affect each and every cell of your being. So why not nourish your body from the inside out with good, wholesome food? And while you’re at it, nourish your soul by doing yoga! I’ll be the exuberant zen fairy helping you along the way.

It’s no mystery that yoga and nutrition go hand-in-hand. Together, these two practices nourish us and lift us up, making us better people, inside and out.

What I do, in a few words:

I’m a certified yoga teacher and registered dietician/nutritionist in Westchester, New York with over a decade of time spent learning, growing, and teaching in the field of health and wellness.  I apply my experience, my expertise, and most of all, my enthusiasm when I work with clients who want to make big changes to the way they feel every single day. Through writing, coaching, and striving to simply be an example through my own lifestyle, I hope to inspire YOU on the mat, in the kitchen, and throughout your daily life.

“When you meet Jen, your soul says ‘Thank you, universe!’ You instantly feel a sense of balance from the wide variety of multi-level flows and asanas that she teaches, her profound spirituality, her practicality, and her witty sense of humor.” — A happy client

What I know:

I hold a Master’s Degree from Teacher’s College, Columbia University in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition (Applied Physiology), an undergraduate degree in Nutrition, and a 500-hour yoga teacher certification thru the ISHTA yoga lineage in NYC. I also hold specialty certifications in restorative yoga, yoga nidra meditation, and prenatal yoga, and have studied Ayurvedic nutrition, essential oil therapy, and raindrop technique training. All of this training informs my work with clients and gives us a range of modalities to choose from.

If you want to know more about my credentials and background, click here.

What I believe in:

Credentials and training don’t mean much if it’s not the right fit. Here are a few things about me that might help you decide whether we should embark on a fun healing journey together:

  • I believe in real, whole food. The food that’s best for you comes from simple, healthy, unprocessed ingredients prepared with love.
  • I believe in movement. Eating right is half the battle to feeling good. The other half is getting out there and moving your body! For you, that might mean yoga, or it might mean going to the gym after work or taking your dog out for a trail run. There’s no wrong method.
  • I believe in yoga. In particular, I’m a big fan of ISHTA yoga. I’m also a runner, and yoga has had a profound effect on the aches and pains that running tends to bring. Through yoga, I’ve been able to find more ease in my running and in my life in general.
  • I believe in diversity. There’s no one way. There’s the way that will work for you. I can help you discover that way. 
  • I believe in getting hands dirty. Embrace sweat, make a mess in the kitchen, live it up! These are the keys to joy.
  • I believe in self-expression. For me, creativity comes in many shapes and colors: cooking, writing, teaching, music, and photography are all ways I express and communicate my creative passion for healthy living. How do you express yourself?
  • I believe in making people feel good. This is the crux of what I do, and the singular focus that inspires me to get out of bed in the morning.
  • I believe in smiling and laughing every single day.

Together, we will create a holistic path just right for you, which might involve changes to the way you eat, adoption of a yoga practice, or simply a shift in the way you are living your life. We’ll come up with an approach that works for YOU, so you can start to feel more awesome in every way, every single day.


Now I suggest you head over to the More about jen/FAQ page, it’s a bit more entertaining. 

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