A recent post received a comment from someone that disagreed with what I said.

How dare she. Kidding.

Anyway, I read what she wrote. Took it in. Responded. 

The post was about happiness versus contentment.

It made me think about what I said.

It also inspired this email...so yay.


“If only I could do that pose; I’d be happy, better, good, spiritually fly and able to levitate etc.” {p.s. if you levitatin...I'd sign up for that}.

“If only I were skinnier with a thigh gap, I’d be happy.”

“If I had a million dollar salary I’d be happy.”

“If only I could jump on the green smoothie bandwagon and embrace kale salads. Cuz those health junkie patchouli smelling peeps seem happy, so I will also be happy.”

“If only I looked like, could act like, could be like_________ I’d be Happy.”

You catch my drift.

"News flash, you don’t need to BE anything or obtain anything in order to be happy."

These thoughts (if we cling to them) sabotage us and make us feel crazy, depressed, overwhelmed, and stuck in that “woe as me” world.

This kind of mindset sucks the life force out of you.

Not just in yoga but life!

Guess what? You are human (whoa that’s profound shit).

I am human (even more profound shit).


We all are, in fact we’re all chasing that “feel good” sensation. I do it to. It’s addictive (there are worse addictions, trust me).

Like, I eat pizza, then immediately I crave gelato. Mmmmm pizza.

But really, moods happen, emotions happen, life happens, shit happens and that “high as a kite, blissed out of your mind post yoga glow or post shoe shopping happiness feeling{s} are freakin great, but they are fleeting.

They are temporary moments of "happy" then we chase the next "happy."

That's not a bad thing, however...

Contentment is when you're okay with ALL that is. When you don't seek outside of yourself for happiness, rather look inward.

It means things, people, human connections, they're all part of life, they're okay to desire and want, but just know that true happiness comes with contentment. Knowing you don't need anything or anyone to make you whole or complete.


You can start with changing the way you think. Flip the script and the internal dialogue.

Anytime you start thinking:

“If only I had, I should, Etc._______ I’d be happy.”

Replace it with:

“If only I had__________I’d be happy, fortunately ________ is not required for happiness.”


I also believe coffee, shameless time spent watching housewives in your pj’s, shoe shopping, a carvel ice cream sundae, spending time with family and friends do bring you joy...it’s just that that joy/happy is not a permanent in our lives and if we constantly see it...we might make ourselves more miserable.

You have to start with YOU.


P.S. something that helped me on this path is meditation. Sitting, doing nothing and going IN, unattached to anything. Try this breathing technique if you haven’t yet or listen to this 11 minute Sound Healing if you haven't yet.

P.P.S.this post got people all sorts of crazy happy - take a look.