SEVERAL YEARS AGO {like when florescent tie dye t-shirts were a thing}, I remember wanting to dance. Like John Travolta Saturday night fever kinda dance.


Anyone with me?

Anyway, I made the decision to go take a tap dancing class at a well known NYC studio after work one day. I really wanted to take hip hop or ballet, but I came to my senses.

I went online, looked at the schedule, booked the class, googled tap shoes in nyc and off I went.

Holy sh*t I just signed up for a tap dancing class.

I can't believe I did that!

Well, I {who was clearly on a mission} schlepped to the midtown dance shop {in the dead of Summer during a heat wave}, bought tap shoes, a leotard, and stockings {I dunno if stockings is the right lingo or word, but hey, you get it. I looked the part.

I showed up for class.

I immediately regretted it.

I panicked and my palms started sweating.

What the hell was I thinking? I haven't tapped {that sounds funny} since I was a child! But I visualized this scene...


I thought,"I should leave now" and looked for the nearest escape route.

It was too late. I was in. So I hid behind the dude that looked profesh and prayed the teacher wouldn't notice me.

It was a tap disaster. The teacher picked on me. I had two left feet. I was the only legit beginner... yadayadayada.

But that doesn't matter.

What matters is this.

I Tried. I had Fun. I laughed. I went way out of my comfort zone.

I put my extreme anxiety, fears and insecurities aside for that hour (seemed like a lifetime, like when Starbucks has a long line kind of lifetime) and did what I could with what I had- which was a slammin new leotard and tap shoes.

Now, had I let my thoughts consume me {of which there were many}, I would've high tailed it outta there, as thought a zombie were chasing me.


So, here's the point.

The next time you're feeling discomfort {and there will many next times}, whether it's a moment of fear, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, tight hamstrings, a yoga pose, a moment of silence, anger, sadness, body shaming thoughts, impatience or like you have a chunk of kale in your teeth while talking to someone...say to yourself,"I AM OKAY WITH WHAT IS", and "THIS MOMENT/THOUGHT/DISCOMFORT is fleeting and temporary". Then BREATHE in. Pause. BREATHE out. Pause.

Another tip

Give the pesky, unreal thoughts a kick to the curb and use a positive affirmation like:

I can_____(insert awesome thing like tap dancing), sing at a karaoke contest {been there done that and won} be peaceful, calm, patient, etc.


I will try _____(tap dancing, hula hooping, sky diving (oh wait, not for me), jet skiing, to hold downward facing dog as long as the teacher is asking of me {I know it feels too long} and use my willpower and grace to do so, and if I cannot, that's also okay!

Then put on a tutu and dance.

Just remember, your thoughts are fleeting, your emotions, a yoga pose a moment causing you discomfort. But in order to evolve, we need to sometimes be uncomfortable.

What do you think about discomfort? how do you approach getting past your own comfort zones?

do you want to buy my tap shoes? {worn once}.