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This ain’t your store bought pudding. Avocado pudding.

Here’s what you’re going to do with Avocados, besides spooning it (not snuggling it). But let’s start off with my pointing out that I think Spring in NY is awesome. It  brings about a fresh perspective, juice cleanses galore, smiling faces, and florescent crazy 80′s colors to our cute yoga/workout outfits. Love me some florescent. […]

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It has been DORMANT.

Photo Credit: It’s a dormant growing season at the moment, in New York at least. And frankly, this blog has been pretty dormant. The definition of dormant is: In terms of flora, many trees lie dormant during winter, i.e. not growing, just like seeds remain dormant until they are given the stimulus to grow (soil, water, […]

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Spinach meets Chutney meets Curry.

Who needs a quick dinner? Well, I did….and I often do. Just like most of you, I don’t have all the time in the world to be the goddess (or god) I’d like to be in the kitchen and since my new schedule has me busy a few nights a week (teachin yoga, not out […]

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Arugula Pesto + Brussel Sprout Shreds

It’s like this, you’re either going to reckon this is the oddest food combo and not sure what to think about it (well a twinkie stuffed with meat would be pretty odd) OR you’re going to love it and go buy some brussels immediately (brussel haters might even try it!) (I love how spellcheck doesn’t […]

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WARNING. Do Not Do's in the New Year.

Time to toss some serious words of wisdom your way as I’m feeling quite yogic. Straight from the NURU herself. What’s a nuru you ask? Well my yogini friend just called me that. It equates to: nutrition guru DUH. MOVING ON. I think you all know I have a passion for vegetables, oh and helping […]

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The non pizza, pizza. Squash style.

This is what I think is going on mid-December.  1) Your eyes are glazed from slamming back loads of holiday cookies. Or you’ve sunk so low you’re eating them for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and sneaking one more for dinner. What the hay?! Right? Oh boy. 2) You’re singing joy to the world cause you’re […]

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