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This ain’t your store bought pudding. Avocado pudding.

Here’s what you’re going to do with Avocados, besides spooning it (not snuggling it). But let’s start off with my pointing out that I think Spring in NY is awesome. It  brings about a fresh perspective, juice cleanses galore, smiling faces, and florescent crazy 80′s colors to our cute yoga/workout outfits. Love me some florescent. […]

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Apple Pie Chia Seed Pudding.

I always wanted a Hairless Harry. You know, the chia pet. I never did get one but I have to say the seeds are way cooler to play with because of the way they expand and become mucilaginous (big word for gooey) much like tapioca pudding. That either grossed you out or got you out […]

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Guest Post-Fresh Juice anyone?

GUEST BLOG TIME! I invited Junia, whose blog struck me with the photos of healthy foods and recipes right away. Junia and I crossed paths via Foodbuzz and have been connected ever since! I am delighted to share one of her recipes here which I think you’ll all enjoy. MY THOUGHTS ON JUICING: (I personally […]

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A Whopper of a SALAD!

Today, you’re going to Scrap that HO-HUM SALAD! And get your mind out of the fast food gutter. When I said WHOPPER I didn’t mean a jumbo sized burger. But before we talk food…can we discuss how I feel like I missed something? Like an entire week? Cause it’s the middle of March already! HEY […]

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Yumnutty Date Truffles

    “What Do You Snack On?” I’m often asked that exact question…. Do I eat chips? Do I eat Doritos (eeww, no!) Do I eat carrot sticks all day long til my palms turn orange? No, No, and No. Well, sometimes I like cheesy popcorn. Anyway, in all honesty I mainly snack on NUTS. […]

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Sweetart Crispy Slaw

  The definition of slaw in my mind includes the word “mayonnaise.” Cringe. I will never eat the stuff but no judgement if ya do. But I concocted a tangy version minus the mayo. One ingredient of interest here is the little green bulbous wonder known as bok choy. You may have stumbled upon it […]

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