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A Green Cocktail

Do you need more veggies in your day? (I know, sigh….you thought this was literally gonna be a “cocktail.”) Anyway, Likely the answer is yes, and the recommendation to consume > 6 servings/day sounds inconceivable (big word alert). Or veggies make you gag (the horror!). Fear not! I’m going to claim that this drink is not […]

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I"ll have what she's having…

One WHOLE day of EATING, EXERCISING and NAPPING (just kidding, although a nap sounds nice). What can I say I was in a sharing mood, maybe it was the fact that: We had sunshine in NY two whole days this week (you know I tried on my entire spring wardrobe thinking I could get away […]

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Champagne Mango Lassi

SORRY NO BOOZE IN THIS LASSI Not that champagne or rum wouldn’t work on a hot day, skinny mango margarita? Okay, serious biz here. Aren’t we all itching for the new crop of fruits to make their appearance in the markets? I mean I LOVE bananas, navel oranges, and barlett pears but what a happy […]

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Butternut Squash landed in my Blender

Yes, I went out on a limb with this one but if I didn’t try this I’m sure someone else would and I’m a good guinea pig for tasting weird food or just combinations that others find weird? Also, even the slightest TWINGE of SPRING and FLIP FLOPS and I whip out that blender faster […]

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Pumpkin Pie/Banana Smoothie

You didn’t think my adventures with pumpkin had ended, did you? I still had pumpkin puree hanging around. And I guess it’s time to clean up the Halloween decor. Boo. So what does a girl do? Make a smoothie of course! I know, it’s cold outside, but this is a deliciously sweet treat you can […]

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Berries + Bananas = Bliss in a Martini Glass?!

Let’s just appreciate the perfect little blueberries all nestled in that scrumptious smoothie, as though they’re taking an afternoon dip. I’m about to guzzle, I mean take a sip of this treat, I managed to take photos for all of you first. Oh, and if you were wondering, Yes, I always drink a smoothie in […]

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