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This ain’t your store bought pudding. Avocado pudding.

Here’s what you’re going to do with Avocados, besides spooning it (not snuggling it). But let’s start off with my pointing out that I think Spring in NY is awesome. It  brings about a fresh perspective, juice cleanses galore, smiling faces, and florescent crazy 80′s colors to our cute yoga/workout outfits. Love me some florescent. […]

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Apple Pie Chia Seed Pudding.

I always wanted a Hairless Harry. You know, the chia pet. I never did get one but I have to say the seeds are way cooler to play with because of the way they expand and become mucilaginous (big word for gooey) much like tapioca pudding. That either grossed you out or got you out […]

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Before the Bananas go Bad.

What is a girl or guy to do with bananas that are just about to walk off your counter or permanently glue themselves to a bowl with potential fruit fly disaster?  I ask myself this question, often. Hi, my name is Jen, I more often then not allow bananas to rot.”  Let me elaborate.  Yesterday […]

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Arugula Pesto + Brussel Sprout Shreds

It’s like this, you’re either going to reckon this is the oddest food combo and not sure what to think about it (well a twinkie stuffed with meat would be pretty odd) OR you’re going to love it and go buy some brussels immediately (brussel haters might even try it!) (I love how spellcheck doesn’t […]

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The non pizza, pizza. Squash style.

This is what I think is going on mid-December.  1) Your eyes are glazed from slamming back loads of holiday cookies. Or you’ve sunk so low you’re eating them for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and sneaking one more for dinner. What the hay?! Right? Oh boy. 2) You’re singing joy to the world cause you’re […]

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Morroccan Millet Stew

My kitchen staaaaiiiiinks again. But I’m okay with that because the aroma of onion, garlic, cinnamon and cumin merged into one good meal. So, today I played with parakeet feed. AKA: MILLET! I caps locked that because now you imagine me sort of yelling out the word Millet, right? Anyway, I’ve been meaning to mess […]

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