The beginner class teaches the foundations of yoga while introducing a basic, well-rounded sequence of yoga poses designed to strengthen muscles that are weak, and stretch muscles that are tight. An emphasis on breath and healthy alignment make this class perfect for newbies but also a fit for advanced practitioners.



This class level includes basic postures with the option to go deeper. Poses are held for a moderate length of time to create awareness in mind and body. Pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation are introduced. Appropriate for those who have done yoga before.


Vinyasa Flow

This class is intermediate to intermediate/advanced and consists of a focus on strengthening and stretching the body. You will likely get your sweat on as this class that has more of a rhythmic pace to it. Sequences cater to a variety of needs including increased core strength, decreasing back pain, building stronger arms and playing with inversions. Pranayama and meditation are a part of this class. Also expect some good music. 



What does Open mean? As one of my teachers says, “Open to anything.” This class caters to a wide variety of students of all levels. Modifications for poses will be given when needed for beginners while offering variations that are more challenging to students who are advanced. Whether you’re looking for a challenge or perhaps need to back off a little, this class will allow you to play with your own practice and create your own level of intensity. 


Flow and Restore

This class combines vinyasa flow with restorative yoga poses. Meant for Intermediate practitioners, but all levels are always welcome. This style of class will guide you through a heating practice that allows you to find a balance between effort and ease, then bring you to a blissful state of relaxation.


Core Flow

Expect a focus on strengthening your abdominal and back muscles through a combination hatha/vinyasa class. A mix of inversions, backbends and arm balances along with a well rounded heating practice will take the intermediate/advanced practitioner through a guided and challenging class. Most importantly, come and have fun!



Restorative yoga places you in a state of deep relaxation. It allows you to completely surrender as all of the muscles, joints and bones are supported in each pose. It’s an amazing way to rejuvenate when you’re feeling tired, exhausted, stressed out or simply need to chill out. Loads of props are used during this class to help you settle into each pose. You’ll leave class feeling inspired and refreshed. 


Power Stretch

This is an express class for those looking to release tight hips, stretch the hamstrings and open up everything that’s likely tight as a result of a tough workout, long run, or bike ride. It’s tough to stay disciplined after a workout and practice yoga immediately after. Take 30 minutes to “feel good.” 



Pregnancy is the perfect time to find a sense of ease and relaxation. Whether you’re new to yoga or an advanced practitioner prenatal yoga will give you what you need. I offer both Pre and Post natal classes. 



In order to “do nothing and just BE” we need to practice settling the mind. As the sage Patanjali says, “yoga citta vritti nirodaha.” Yoga is the cessation of the chatter in the mind. You will be taken through a sequence of asana (postures) before settling into sit still for meditation. Whether you’re a beginner meditator or advanced yogi or yogini, meditation is key to finding ease, stillness and joy in each and every day.


ISHTA Sweat and Samadhi


This class is designed to bring you back to a state of oneness/bliss (samadhi). You will burn out the impurities trapped in the physical body through a strong asana practice, followed by a series of restorative postures, pranayama and/or meditation to help calm the nervous system and still the mind. This is an Open level class that encourages you to individualize your practice by establishing your own degree of intensity. It’s the absolute perfect way to end the week.


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a form of meditation that places you in a hypnogognic state (a state between being awake and asleep) which is meant for deep relaxation. There are different stages in this technique where the the practitioner begins by quieting the overactive conscious mind, then moves into a meditative state, gradually finding a state of “ultimate harmony,” in which the brain waves slow down and a subtle euphoria emerges. Though most practitioners don’t slip easily into the more advanced stages, they still tend to emerge feeling rejuvenated. Yoga nidra calms the nervous system. You can use this technique to help you fall asleep at night or use it for days when you didn’t quite get enough sleep. The technique requires a knowledgeable teacher to guide you through. I often add it to my flow and restore classes/restorative class or used for private sessions.