” Jen has totally changed the way I think about healthy eating. It doesn’t have to be styrofoam-bland foods , but really delicious yumminess. I used to be addicted to sugared treats and lots of carbs. Most nutritionists will try to make you do a complete 180 which can basically set you up for failure. But Jen’s fun and inspiring approach to eating more organically ( with the occasional sweet tooth here and there) is very doable for anyone. Even for those that are constantly on the go.”

 -Genevieve Y, contributing editor, People Stylewatch 

Without a doubt, my favorite part of the week used to be when Jen came to the Oribe Hair Care office to lead a group yoga session. She was not only a delight to have around, but she expertly navigated the varying experience levels of my coworkers so that we all had an amazing session. I left each class relaxed and refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the work week. When the hurricane came and washed away our office…and de facto yoga studio…our weekly classes with Jen became the thing I missed most!

I also worked with Jen on an article for, and she provided me with a great series of yoga poses for people to do anywhere, whether at work or at home. It became one of the most popular articles on our site for 2013 so far!

 -Lori Morris, Oribe Haircare Product Company 


I am so grateful to have Jen come into my life when she did. I started taking her private yoga classes as well as her group yoga classes while I was going through some health issues. It was a challenging time for me and I turned to yoga to help me heal both physically and mentally. Through Jen’s wonderful and very competent teaching, I am able to find peace and comfort every week. I always look forward to her classes because I feel so good and relaxed afterwards. It’s like a getting a massage for the soul :-) Thanks, Jen, for inspiring me to deepen my understanding of yoga and apply it consciously to my life. 

 -Lisa Tsuei


I’m not sure why I started taking yoga. Meaning , I didn’t really think about, other than I knew I need to do something with my mind and body. I needed to reconnect with them. I walked into the studio, and signed up for Jen’s class. After taking my first class with Jen, I was hooked. I felt renewed, relaxed, I was breathing, ( I forget to this sometimes)and peaceful. I learned to “just be”. And this was okay. My balance, posture, and digestion improved. I keep coming to class, it helps keep me grounded, and I feel so much better, both in mind, body and spirit. Jen has a special gift with her students, she knows just by looking at all of us, how to teach the class that day. Yoga with Jen,  a gift you should give yourself. Thank you, Jen.

 -Eva Marie Deevy

Jen is a wonderful yoga instructor who takes pride in her ability to provide a positive environment for all that attend her classes. Thank you for your words of wisdom, aromatic scents and “corny” yoga jokes – calmness of the mind has been achieved. *My friend recommended yoga (due to stress & mild anxiety) and it has truly been an amazing experience. Many many thanks . /quote]


Love, Love, Love Jen’s Yoga Classes!!! I have been taking Jen’s Yoga class for a few months now, it has become the highlight of my week!. I look forward to walking into that classroom knowing I’m going to leave there completely relaxed and stress free. I have learned something new in every class I’ve taken, whether it was physical or mental, and look forward to learning more. Jen has great passion for what she does, and it rubs off on all of her students. 

 -Tami Bryson (Yoga Lover and Wellness Enthusiast:))


“We enjoy having Jennifer come to our house to do yoga with us.  She is professional, knowledgeable, careful with injuries, and a good teacher.   Just as importantly, she has a great personality and is fun to be with.  We look forward to our yoga sessions with her and we highly recommend her as a yoga instructor.”

 -Pat and Phil Kemp


Jen is 100 % pure yoga magic. You have to try it to believe it! If you are a weekend warrior, an inflexible yoga skeptic or just plain stressed out, take one of Jen’s classes and tell me you don’t feel better! Cute, funny, flexible and a great start to any day. Who knew?! I now make yoga part of my routine because of Jen. Thanks Jen! 

 -Nate B.


Jen! Your class was awesome today. Your energy was so beautiful and you expressed yourself so clearly. I found your class to be healing, soothing, inspiring and energizing. I think it was the clearest Chakra themed class that I have been to. Really! Perfect for the level of turmoil in my life lately. 

 -Carla H. (Fellow Yoga Teacher)


I’m such a follower of your advice! I swear….Almond milk and spelt flakes changed my diet, and Tera’s Whey protein powder, of course!

-Alyssa Dorazio


Loving our “yoga sessions” always feel so good/relaxed afterward. Def a very nice way to end a work day after sitting @ desk for 8 hrs. WooHoo!

-Beth Danzig


Food coach, yes that’s exactly what I’d call Jen. Oh, and I call her mommy cause she keeps me in check. ;-)

Barbara Youngman


Just finished the most amazing, happiest yoga class ever with the greatest teacher Jen! Thank you for an awesome class ! I’m so happy I’m forgetting words that complete my sentence! Jen will do that to ya ;-) Namaste :)

-Ana Carmella


Full disclosure: I am blessed to be one of Jen’s friends- I met her during our advanced yoga teacher training at ISHTA Yoga in NYC. She is bright, both inside and out, in smarts and heart. I have been practicing yoga for 10+ years, still a student and now a teacher. I HIGHLY recommend taking a class from her!

-Rebecca Cheeks Soule (Seva Soul Yoga)


You started me on a spaghetti squash journey, Jen… just finished using up the leftovers from the pizza in a spaghetti squash pancake with cinnamon and a dash of rapunzel sugar. Who knew how good that would be! Sorry, no pics… they disappeared in a flash. 

-Wendy Newton (Ishta Yoga Teacher)