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Guest Post while I'm Biz-ee!

In case you missed a few of my “namastes” on twitter, or my stating the obvious of why I’m a busy girl (bizz-ee-that’s a fun word right there) on facebook, I thought it would be nice if I share why I’m doing more sun salutations and downward dogs then most of you on a daily basis. […]

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I"ll have what she's having…

One WHOLE day of EATING, EXERCISING and NAPPING (just kidding, although a nap sounds nice). What can I say I was in a sharing mood, maybe it was the fact that: We had sunshine in NY two whole days this week (you know I tried on my entire spring wardrobe thinking I could get away […]

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A Huevo & A Sweet Potato

Breakfast boredom? Have you met me yet? I have loads of ideas… We all get bored. But bored shouldn’t leave you hightailing it towards the Crispy Creams, Bagels loaded with everything, or the nearest fast food joint for that McHeartAttack. I know McDonald’s is trying….they’ve placed the beloved oatmeal on the menu so I”ll give […]

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Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey

Ok, hold the Bacon here (Just cause I don’t eat it personally). I’m hungry! So I took a peek in my fridge and all I saw were TONS of veggies that needed to be used before they go bad! The horror! How many times have you found yourself in this situation..possibly numerous. I have all good […]

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