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It never gets old…Pumpkin two ways.

Yup, I can’t help myself this time of the year. If you read my post last year, you know the frenzy that happens in this household once October hits. It’s as though the second I see an orange gourd my eyes light up and visions of all things Halloween and multi-colored leaves about to sprout […]

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Just a Holiday Recap…

The Holiday &“Overstuffing the Pie Hole.” If I’m being frank, Thanksgiving is not my favorite of holidays, while I love the family atmosphere this holiday seems to celebrate the wrong thing, overstuffing yourself til you either pass out on a couch somewhere or are regretting that you ate 3 slices of pie and your skinny jeans now […]

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Maple Glazed Roasted Pumpkin & Arugula Salad

  First of all I wake-up this morning with a mouth drier than dry, hunt for some water, go into the fridge and see that 3/4 or my POMEGRANATE seeds are MIA! I cannot believe the husband ate them! Those were for my salad! I called him at 7:45 am, inquire about the vanishing act […]

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Don't just carve it, Eat it! Pumpkin.

Not your mama’s oatmeal… What I really wanted was pumpkin pie, what I settled on was pumpkin infused oatmeal. We carve them up and use them as Halloween decor, why not add it to your oats? I wrote about this on my facebook page last week, however, I had no photos to share because I […]

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