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How to be Consistent with being Consistent.

CONSISTENCY “The one thing that’s consistent is that people aren’t consistent.”  Let that one marinade for a second. Yeah, I made that one up, and you may all quote me on it. Oprah? I’m here when you need me. Heh. Why is it we can brush our teeth everyday (I hope) and make that a habit […]

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I"ll have what she's having…

One WHOLE day of EATING, EXERCISING and NAPPING (just kidding, although a nap sounds nice). What can I say I was in a sharing mood, maybe it was the fact that: We had sunshine in NY two whole days this week (you know I tried on my entire spring wardrobe thinking I could get away […]

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GET Healthy… Starting NOW Part II

WELL HELLO AND WELCOME BACK! In case you missed PART I of this series->CLICK HERE! Let’s DIG IN! I’m actually NERDILY excited about all the fun things I shared in this post! Let me know how you FEEL and THINK about all this by leaving a COMMENT below. I’d love to hear your thoughts! 6. […]

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How’d those New Year’s Resolutions work out for ya? OR NOT workout? (pun intended) We all know January always causes a surge in GYM memberships and attempts at NEW DIETS. I’m not opposed to all of it but I’m an advocate of  ”Continuous HEALTH and HAPPINESS,” and “CHOOSING habits that are LIFELONG.” I am definitely […]

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Yes I eat Pizza. NEW Q & A

I’ve had some readers ask or comment with things like: “Do you expect me to start eating tofu or stop eating pizza?” “Cause I can’t give up pizza.” My CARROT INBOX fills up with questions like this and I LOVE IT! Cause I’m a bit CHATTY and I have nothing goin on. Kidding. Actually, I needed […]

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WATER, Beyond the Tap…

HOW MUCH WATER ARE YOU DRINKING IN A DAY? QUICK, WRITE IT DOWN. ZILCH? GO GET SOME NOW! DON’T WORRY, I’LL BE HERE WHEN YOU GET BACK… If you’ve had 4 cups of coffee today (you know who you are) then it’s time to start swapping. Never assume you have to “cut the caffeine” all […]

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