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It’s no mystery that yoga and nutrition go hand-in-hand. Together, these two practices nourish us and lift us up, making us better people, inside and out.

Tack on Sound Healing and Kirtan Music and you've got yourself an unbelievable healing mix. 

Hi! {insert friendly wave}

I’m a yoga teacher, nutritionist, sound healer, kirtan singer and musician in Westchester County, New York with over fifteen years spent learning, growing, and teaching in the field of health and wellness.  I apply my experience, my expertise, and most of all, my enthusiasm when I work with clients who want to make big or small, but most of all realistic changes to the way they feel every single day.

Through writing, teaching, coaching and striving to simply be an example through my own lifestyle, I hope to inspire YOU on the mat, in the kitchen, and throughout your daily life.

You can get the nitty gritty on my credentials and education here.


Cause we all know a bio can be boring...

I'm JENNIFER VAGIOS. I consider myself a wellness enthusiast, STRESS & anxiety strategist, anatomy of movement nerd, unicorn chaser, kirtan chanter and expert in this field {but I'm always a student}. 

:: I help extremely busy professional women and men, working moms, and tightly wound Type A's who desperately want to make health {happiness & sanity} a priority but need a gentle (or swift kick) in the pants. Whether you've never done yoga or meditated, have no clue what sound healing doesn't matter, I'll get you started, keep you inspired and help you achieve goals unique to you. 

:: Having been in the field of health and wellness for 15+ years has given me loads of tools to create a well rounded and holistic approach to health. I'm a 500 hour + ISHTA trained yoga teacher who holds a Masters Degree from Columbia University in Applied Physiology and Nutrition, just for starters. I am also a Sound Healer mainly using Tibetan and Crystal Singing bowls but also my voice and other instruments.

:: I'm like a zen fairy (or batman, minus the cape smelling like patchouli holding a broccoli wand). Through in person yoga, nutrition, sound healing, essential oil treatments, sound baths and kirtan I provide tools to create realistic, simple and sustainable solutions to struggles such as severe stress, exhaustion, overwhelm, sleep issues, anxiety, digestive problems (specifically Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and/or aches and pains in the body. 

:: I teach Yoga, cause It makes me all sorts of happy, strong, pain free, flexible and frankly it keeps me sane and flip out less (or no) middle fingers, if I'm being honest! I also LOVE giving people the gift of calm in their day/life.

:: Through inspirational emails, sharing of drool worthy yet indulgent recipes, and daily posts on instagram I'm here to remind you that healthy is a lifestyle, and a choice. It's your choice.

:: I'm the catalyst to change all with a side of Rosé, dark chocolate, the scent of patchouli lingering and loads of laughs. I've been told that I'm hilarious.

:: I've been playing instruments and singing my entire life. I love spreading joy and hope to nourishe my students hearts, minds and ears while teaching yoga in Westchester County, NY.

:: I'm somewhat famous. I was just listed in the "Teachers We Love" in NY Yoga + Life Magazine and my advice, insights and tips have been featured on other glossy magazines + web portals like Yoga Journal, Food Network Healthy Eats blog,,  MindBodyGreen, Oribe Hair Care, Disney Baby, Food Press and more. I also had the opportunity to be the musician/sound bath orchestrator at the Deepak Chopra Homebase this year for the annual ISHTA yoga Sankalpa Event. 


Teaching yoga, concocting a recipe, squeezing in my own sweaty workout, or hanging out on instagram; you can find me plotting and planning my next vacation (likely in a warm environment), shamelessly binge watching bravo TV shows, singing out loud (I used to be a wedding singer) while driving my truck and sipping a cup of coffee. Or I'm feeding my pinterest addiction, cause let's be honest, that could be a full time job. 



Want to hear me sing? 

Head over here. 




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