greece yoga retreat, fall 2018

With Jen Vagios & Rebecca Cheeks Soule

Location: TBD

Dates: September 9-15th (2018)



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Set your Intention - Sankalpa Workshop

In the Tantric practice of yoga, instead of setting a New Year’s resolution, we set an intention through a Sankalpa practice.

Sankalpa comes from two words: "san," which means to refine toward spirit and "kalpa," which is thought or intention. Sankalpa is more than just a New Year's resolution; which tends to be temporary because we make the decision (resolution) through our conscious mind which has a limited attention span.  

Sankalpa is a vow to live in accordance with our highest truth and we can access that truth through our sacral chakra and opening up the passage that helps tap into our deepest layers of unconsciousness (what truly governs us in our lives).

Join ISHTA yoga teacher, Jennifer Vagios as she leads you through a uniquely designed class of asana (postures) pranayama (breathwork), visualization, tantra, kriya techniques and mantra meant to move you into a seated meditation practice that will help you access our own individual spirit's truth and plant a seed of intention “sankalpa" into the soil of your unconscious to live your life’s purpose so it may manifest into reality and everyday living for the New Year. 

::: Note: Expect discussion and description of the techniques that will be used (kriya, pranayama and tantra) before moving through the asana and sitting for the meditation practice. 

When Saturday, January 14th 2017

Where: Hasting Yoga

Time: 4-6 pm

Cost: $45

Class level: Open


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